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Corporate Services

Internet video and DVDs are becoming a popular tool for marketing, promoting and advertising in the corporate sector. Video has the capacity to adopt the three major forms of communication: visual, verbal and vocal. A message that successfully implements the “three V’s” maximises the chance that the intended message is received.


A professionally designed video conveys your business’ story and message directly to your existing and potential customers. By further informing and entertaining your clientele base, you maximise their spending potential. This can be achieved with a web video production.


Do you have a product or service that you sometimes find difficult to vividly explain? Ever wanted a visual aid to assist you in sales meetings?

A video can clearly demonstrate how your product or service can help someone. All in an easy to watch, interesting and captivating medium that will encourage your customers to inquire further.


Have a company that spends time and money on training your staff ? Got a product or service that requires you to educate your customers?

Let us produce a training DVD for you! A training DVD is a one-off investment, and can be used as leverage to save you time and money, plus portray an additional level or professionalism.


We can make a DVD that will help give your next conference an interesting and captivating visual aid. Why not also have your seminar or presentation filmed?

Once produced, you can send out a DVD to all those people that weren’t able to attend your presentation - you could even sell the DVDs and make some revenue.


With an extensive background of shooting a wide variety of styles over 10 years, Adam Sills is a Hobart based freelance cameraman providing high quality images to some of Australia’s highest rating and most respected lifestyle, reality, corporate and documentary productions.


Online real estate videos create massive amounts of leverage. Unlike newspaper advertising, it is a one-off investment that you can use for your entire sales campaign.

Also unlike newspaper advertising, a virtual video tour is available to view all across the country 24/7. It literally breaks demographic boundaries, and opens your doors to a captive audience.


We can produce your next TV commercial. Our style is different to traditional advertising agencies. We really get to know your business from the perspective of a potential customer, and can deliver a TV commercial that really speaks to your intended audience.

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